Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boxing Day Chaos

Did I mention how absolutely insane Times Square was on the night of Christmas Day ? I am still in shock of it . We really shouldn't have dived into that and to think that our taxi driver from the airport told us that it will be quiet in the city hahaha . That night we didn't do any drinking as that experience kinda shook us both . Nothing personally bad happened , it's just I'm not a big fan of most tourists ... You know ! The ones that stop in the middle of an intersection to take a picture or the ones huddled in the middle of a sidewalk instead of moving to the side ? I call them tourist pylons that one has to weave through to navigate a sidewalk 😜 well imagine that with thousands of people possibly tens of thousands ... It was so packed . Anyways that was Christmas and this is Boxing Day . 


We woke up with our bags already packed the night before and grabbed a Starbucks which was closer then we thought ! I gobbled the second half of Kathleen's leftover pastrami sandwich from Katz's (remember it was like $25cdn ) and we checked out and dropped out bags off at hotel storage , by the way I would definitely recommend the Holiday Inn on Washington in the financial district . We knew after last night that there is a possibility for chaos and we wanted to beat the rush if we could .... Too bad we missed the R train and the next one showed up 20 minutes later . First stop ... NHL Store powered by Reebok . 

I was hoping for some Boxing Day sales but that was a pipe dream . Regardless I found what I wanted and probably paid more then I would have back in Toronto but regardless as a hockey fan you must go to this store to at least see all the stuff that ou probably have browsed over on their website before :) then it was time to have a pint or 5 .....

Yup I got on the piss before I had to fly home .... Never the best idea , what do you think ? Anyways we went to the Aston Villa supporters pub in hopes of meeting other Villa fans but with the game not being televised would make those hopes probably not possible . When we arrived after walking 20 min we knew Villa were winning 1-0 with a Bacuna goal and we got a table with the Man U game and sat beside a group with every plastic jersey you could imagine at it . Funny . I asked where the villa supporters hung out and they said downstairs at the bar ... I went down and it was rammed with Chelsea supporters ... Not my cup of tea ... So back to the table beside the group of plastics and thankfully Brooklyn East IPA was on tap .... 5 pints later we had to leave . Nothing spectacular happened , Villa did win with a goal from McCormack and we did end up finding the villa shrine in the bar on our way out after the Chelsea supporters left ... Oh we also found the championship supporters down there huddled together . Newcastle and Norwich were 2 of the 3 lol .... It's tough for clubs to keep fans coming out so thumbs up to them for showing up at the boozer to support their clubs ! 

We were both pretty buzzed and we decided to walk the 1 hour walk back o our hotel with what I though was soho , not sure lol but it was really nice with a lot of cool bars that we would love to check out next time , yes there will be a next time as I really do love visiting this city . Now like I said we were on our way to get our bags , jump in a taxi and head to the airport . All went as planned and maybe too well planned because when we got to the airport it was dead ? No joke ! Just like on our way here at Pearson same thing we basically walked through with no lineups at all .... Amazing since its Laguardia which you would expect to be constantly busy ? Can't complain but I was not too impressed with the airport and its duty free which was pretty limited .... At least I found my Johnnie Walker Island Green to add to my collection . Too bad Kathleen ended up settling for a Smirnoff bottle or something boringly lame ... I know she likes it but we usually get stuff we can't buy at the LCBO . 

By the time I cleared customs I was sobering up and somewhat feeling hungover ... It's more fun when you keep drinking and then things got shitty as soon as we boarded our plane we were told that we would sit on the plane and wait an hour and a half to fly to Toronto because it was foggy in Toronto :( in that time I finished Suicide Squad which I liked and started to feel a bit crappier . Then we took off .... I watched some Vice program and a JFL comedy show which was ok but yeah , I didn't feel great . Our landing was rough as it was raining in Toronto and I felt a bit air sick .... Remind me not to drink the day I fly home again :( when we got out we grabbed our bag which was opened and rifled through by our American friends :) thanks ... Again 🤗 happens every time . Get home and find that magic note that says they went through it .... Just so you know I could tell someone went though it and if anyone I thought it was you . When I got home I gave Kathleen her other little gift , a bottle of Simple Syrup to make some cocktails with ... Can't wait to try some !

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