Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Holiday 2016

Today is the day that I have to pack my bag (no hockey bag) for NYC . I'm heading over with Kathleen to spend a few days over Christmas . Most years we are overseas together over the holidays and this year won't be any exception . When I was planning my trip to Eastern Europe I was looking at using my RBC Rewards Points before I switched over to my new Aeroplan Visa . I had enough points for a flight from Birmingham-Sofia & Bucharest-Birmingham .... I was thinking ahead and checked to see what I could get for 2 tickets and saw I could get 2 flights to NYC with the same amount of points . So I booked the flights and broke the news to Kathleen :) she was happy ! 

Tomorrow my flight leaves and yeah I'm not playing any hockey BUT I'm going to watch the Islanders play the Sabres tomorrow night and I'm taking my skates to go for a skate probably at Rockefeller Center with Kathleen . We are also going to watch Rogue One just like last year when we watched The Force Awakens on Christmas Eve in Birmingham .... If you read that you would know that night was fun lol ! Highly doubt that will be the case this year but you never know with me :) hahaha !!!! 

I took today off work :) and I'm glad because I have to do more laundry , visit the bank , and get a haircut ... Yeah I have to look half decent to fly :) I also have to get some flags sewn onto my new travel bag if I find the time . Today will be busy , and I can't wait to get over to New York tomorrow . 

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