Monday, September 28, 2015

Island Monkeys

Yeah i don't sit down for too long before i'm off on another trip , this next trip was booked before my last trip and has been planned out for quite some time ... it will be a unique experience playing for a club from the UK ! My good friend Darren Lee Allott aka Dazza runs a couple hockey teams :) this one team is a travel team called the Island Monkeys which is what we had affectionately called them when i first met them 7 years ago when we met in Bolzano ,Italy . Actually one of the German guys coined the phrase but doesn't really matter as we all took the proverbial piss by calling them Island Monkeys ... a few years later Dazza takes the piss and names his travel team that ... FANTASTIC ! Whenever i'm in the UK with my gear i always end up passing through Sheffield as it seems to be the easiest place to get on the ice ??? yeah really i mean i have had my gear in Birmingham about 7 times and never once have i been on the ice with the Birmingham Rockets or any other club that skates at Solihul ... yes i'm calling you guys out !!! I will be in Birmingham around Dec 26 so if you can get me on ice around then then you know what to do :) (message me ! )

As i was saying when i'm in UK i'm always on the ice with these guys thanks to Dazza ! So when the idea of these guys going to NYC came up and they needed a goalie i couldn't resist but offering my help as a thanks kinda for all those ice times i have gotten with them , its the least i could do ... the flight wasn't bad , only around $250 with Air Canada so i won't have to pay for my gear ! The hotel arrangement is kinda cheap but not really as it is NYC but its not really NYC since we are staying out on Long Island but still is kinda NYC prices :( yeah it is what it is and what it is is a great experience waiting to happen ... there is just one small problem that i have with these guys so far ... apparently
they like to listen to Taylor Swift before games ??? yeah tell me about it ! you expect Metallica or NWA or something to get you pumped .... i have a feeling they drink prosecco too if you know what i mean ... i know you guys are reading this so i expect to hear about it :) i want some different music played as part of my new contract negotiations !!! damn it i already paid anyways DOH :P

Seems like the trip is gonna be filled with everything you can expect from a trip to NYC with a bunch of Brits ... i am gonna skip the obvious tourist shit that i've done before and instead i am hoping to meet up with some other people and get some investigative stuff going on about the hockey scene there , really hoping to meet up with the guys from SnipetownNYC!about/copf ...we will see what happens . Obviously i want to check out some hockey stuff while there if i can instead of the tourist traps but if anything the most important thing is to play my best for these guys and party like a beer monster .. i hope they like beer ....

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