Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Derby Day

Well this is it , the day I have made this long trek finally arrived ... The big derby match between my beloved Aston Villa and the ever so hated scum bag bastards from Small Heath Alliance aka Birmingham City FC . Yeah the game that I got totally demolished at on Saturday was a big match to but nothing compares to this , NOTHING ! We have not played these inbreeding dogs in 5 years and in my time travelling to watch Villa I have never had the opportunity to watch or see this game live so everything I was going by was all hearsay from mates over here in England and let me tell ya they weren't wrong . 

Still feeling the effects of Saturday's debauchery I climbed out of bed and finally had breakfast in my hotel and it was very good :) after that I headed down to the Villa Shop on New Street to meet my cousins and we went shopping for curry and wandered around just hanging out ... I already miss them both :( as I sit in the airport writing this . At around 2 pm we headed over to Trocadero to meet Stewart Ray to have a pint and around 3 pm my friend Aideen Quinn from Dublin showed up ... Said my good byes to my cousins and Aideen and myself jumped into an Uber and headed to the Aston Tavern to meet the Kidderminster Lions , the usual suspects LOL ! 

After gathering everyone that had to be there we headed off to the Lions Lounge and met up with my great friend Richard Pilkington who flew in from Spain for this match ... As I said this was a big event for us Villans . Losing to these vile bastards was not an option ! We were all sitting in the next section to them and man oh man was it ever a psychotic scene , right off the bat the fans let each other know how much we cared for each other ! It seemed like we all squared off and yelled at the same person the whole time and I must admit that I got into it and felt no shame calling these scumbags names , singing chants an them and basically laughing at their inbred nature ! Of course there were rows of police between us that tried to calm the situation but the hatred runs deep . It was honestly the craziest fucking sporting event I have ever been to !!!! Wow ! 

The first half wasn't great but then Super Jack came on :) and he didn't disappoint ... Running the sacks of shit ragged , turning them inside out and really showing them what the difference between the 2 teams is ... We are good and they are shit ! I hate em all blues scum , I still feel the energy from that game ... Especially the feeling when big Rudy popped in the winner and we all went ballistic , people falling over jumping for joy . What a feeling it was beating those chumps :) 

When we left the park it was a fucking war zone with big metal fences propped up between the fans as both sides attached the wall trying to get at one another . I am dead serious when I say it was excitingly scary and I highly doubt I will ever see any match like this in my life again ! All I can say to my friends back home is if you missed this one, make sure to go next time !!! Just unreal ... 

I can go on forever talking about this game but my flight is about to leave so with that I would like to thank all my friends here especially Paul Harris , Ben Mitchell , Pete Aston and I can't forget Mark (Elvis) Byworth for being the best of mates an showing me how it's done proper ... See you all in December ! UTV ! 

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