Saturday, October 14, 2017

Montreal (love it)

Well , well , well ... is not the way I usually start the story but what the heck :) as of recent I have been sidelined with an injury which I picked up in my summer league and no it was not from the fight . I will tell you guys about that someday hahaha ! I thought it was a hernia .... took 5 weeks off hockey , got ultrasound and consulted with doctors to find out it was just a crazy high groin strain . It sucked the life out of me . I didn't work as much or exercise and I put on some weight ... I wasn't depressed or anything but it totally sucked . I'm really lucky to have the woman I have in my life though . Very lucky ! This past week was my birthday and she really outdid herself . She got me a Fitbit, a new goalie mask and of course some nice new undies to replace the old skids hahaha . We also decided to make a road trip to Montreal to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs play the dirty toilet seats from Montreal ( I hate you with all my heart ) . On our way out here we stopped to see Erich Ferguson to drop off my mask to get painted .... stay tuned on that but check out Resurrection Custom Painting . Will post link when back in Toronto . 

When we arrived at Hotel Chrome in downtown Montreal we dropped our bags and headed out to have some oysters . Yes I love oysters but I hate seafood . I know I'm crazy and the usual excuse is ... I'm a goalie . Ok that's settled right ? We went to the same place last time called Maestro S.V.P. , got there in time for happy hour for some Beaujolais oysters .... might have misspelled that ... they were $20 for a dozen .... we left the place after an hour with a $150 tab :) no it's not cheap but it's not everyday either . Enjoy life while we can friends and worry bout the bill later . That's what credit cards are for hahaha ! 

My favourite part of Montreal is all the absolutely magnificent street art / graffiti. After our oyster tab was paid we strolled over to Dieu du Ciel which is a brewpub with some amazing beers . I've been here bundles of times and I will always come back . We met Kathleen's buddy Jen who was supposed to be with Thim but he bailed out with a hangover (?) on a Friday night :( c'est la vie . Of course I had a couple pints and got a really good buzz on while we had a few laughs then we hiked it back to the hotel with a late night stop for some dirty poutine . Not dirty but you get the jist ... don't you ? Whatever ... if you don't get it then you probably don't go out much . What was the name of that place again ... ahh La Belle Provence ! It's a chain , nothing special ... greased me up nice and good and filled my belly enough to help me pass out . 

It's Saturday morning now . I'm a bit hungover .... can't wait to see the Leafs smash the Habs ! Go Leafs Go ! 

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