Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tourist day in NYC

Yesterday I woke up in my hotel room that I'm sharing with Lofty . He went out for a jog and when he got back I was told we are all leaving to head into the city . I got ready and headed out to meet the rest of my team mates . Some guys walked , we took an uber to the train station . The train into NYC from Westbury was $26 US dollars for a return ticket :( yeah wasn't prepared to spend that much to get into the city but it is what it is and we're here now . The train was rammed as it was rush hour ... We all made it one piece though and headed straight to Madison Square Garden for our guided tour . The tour itself was neat but our guide was a total cunt ... She was so full of herself and told us how everything at MSG is the best in the whole world ... Please get off your pedestal ! This place isn't that great but it's definitely full of history which intrigued me more then anything . I'm almost sure that I wasn't the only one that felt this way about the presentation this horrid notch put forth ... She was rude and totally not friendly at all ... Kinda like most New Yorkers hahaha :) 

Immediately after we left MSG we headed to the Empire State Building which is also a beautiful piece of architecture ... This wasn't a guided tour but you could feel that stupid New York attitude from all the people that worked here too ... I'm sure they know they are assholes but still relish in their own filth ... Too much pride and arrogance makes this city a turn off and it always has but nothing's perfect , especially New Yorkers ! We got to the top of the tower got some pics and went back down the elevator and that was pretty much it ... As I said beautiful architecture makes this a must see ! Try to ignore the arrogant people in this city though :) it's hard , I know lol ! 

My phone died soon after we left the ESB and we headed down to go visit the Statue of Liberty . Some of the group opted to go drinking and we settled to keep touring around the city . The ferry to the Statue of Liberty was quick enough and we wandered around the island looking at the statue there in all her glory . Wish my phone didn't die or I would have some pics to show but it did . Oh well ... When we caught the last ferry back we decided to go up to ground zero which is to say the least very depressing to say the least . But I had to go ... Unfortunately the museum line was so ridiculous that we aborted any idea of going in , we have another day of site seeing planned so it should fit in nicely on that day hopefully . 

My favourite part of the day was after all this when we went to the NHL store ! Yeah my kinda scene :) hockey !!! Great store with all kinds of knick knacks that kept us all entertained until we decided to head out to get a bite to eat ... At this point we were all dead from a really long day of walking ... Remember we headed over durin morning rush hour ? We caught the 11 pm train back to Westbury , so roughly 14 hours walking . Most of our group were sleeping on the train :) but we all made it back safely and honestly I think everybody enjoyed themselves .... I will write about the tournament tomorrow or tonight if I can squeeze the time in ... It's time to have a beer now ... Peace 

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