Thursday, October 29, 2015

New York Blueliners Halloween Tournament

These early morning are usually right up my alley but this tourney is a bit too early with our first ice time at 7:45 am :( the tourney is run by a bunch of cops ... Yes police . This is their 2nd year running it and I am gonna do my best to bite my tongue as I write this ... I have to say that it seems more then a bit disorganized . The host team showed up to play us at 7:45 without a goalie ???? We waited almost a half hour to start the game which wiped out any time we would have to relax between games . When their goalie finally showed we started off rough going down 3-0 immediately ... I did not play great and couldn't find my rhythm with the odd shit happening . I was kinda pissed that the home team would show up without a goalie and didn't have a good warmup but that is not really any excuse for my play . We have a couple ladies on our squad and one plays D ... She was out of position a few times so I had a chat with her and she did exactly what I asked and that turned around the whole day for us if you ask me . We mounted a come back in this game that was supposed to be 30 minute stop time , it ended up becoming a 40 minute stop time game and with about 10 minutes left we scratched our way back into a 4-4 tie but then the "ref" who is in no way a real referee (didn't even wear stripes) made a really shit call when I froze a puck and one of their skaters slashed the puck into the net by whacking me ???? To this moment I don't know why in the fucking hell this bell end didn't blow the whistle ! That was the winning goal ... We lost 5-4 to the host .

Now we get to the room an find out this 5 tram tournament is a 4 team tourney because a local team dropped out this morning or something ... This means we now get to play 3 games in a row with no rest ... How crazy is that ? Well I didn't even have time to take off my chesty just refilled my bottle and back on the ice . This French team came out hard but that didn't last long as we pounced on them and kept scoring goals as our defensive unit constantly thwarted any form of offense they tried to muster . Not much to say aside from the score ended up being 10-1 ... My play improved a bit but I can't seem to catch a puck . Stopped a couple break aways but for the most part I was a spectator . At the end of the game I looked at the clock and it was 10:45 am ... We have been on the ice for 3 consecutive hours ....

When I got to the room I took my chest guard off and changed my tshirt as it was weighing me down . That is about all the time I had before the tourney rep comes in rushing us out to play again ...this is ridiculous ! The 3rd game of the day was against the mixed team that Daz put together for the tourney ... He put 2 teams together ... This team was called Sudden Death . We jumped to an early lead on them and never looked back , we didn't pump them hard as they did have the fire power to push back and they did score a couple decent goals on me and I felt I played my best game of the day but let in my weakest one while hugging the post ... Nobody really knows how that puck went in but it did :( I think the final was 7-4 in our favour so we ended up in a 3 way tie at the end of day 1 ... Sudden Death beat the local team so all 3 of us had 2-1 records but based on +/- we are in first ! 

Day 2 is on Friday at Twin Rinks on Eisenhower and with one less team you would think our start time would be later ... Makes sense to ditch the early times right ? WRONG ! For some reason they ditched the later times .. Why I don't know and really I don't care because it's just not organized very well . I'm having fun but there is no beer or food at this rink , not that I have time to eat . Most of the guys left their gear at the rink but I opted to bring it to my room as it seems to me that these guys could easily lose my stuff . Goalies showing late , local teams bailing , early ice times with no rest , no refs , no beer .... I'm just stating the obvious things that make me see this being very unorganized . I'm sure the effort is there but I would be hard pressed to see teams wanting to come to try this tourney out . As I said earlier I'm writing this trying to be as friendly as I can about it but the obvious is hard to hide ... 

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