Monday, October 26, 2015

One of those days ...

And the adventure begun this morning when I caught my Uber to the airport . This time I'm on my way to NYC to play in a tournament for the Island Monkeys from Sheffield , England ! The ride to the airport was great and I figured if i get there early enough I can finally use one of my Maple Leaf Lounge passes which I have because I'm an Aeroplan Member with 25K status ... Only problem with these passes are all the stipulations ... Basically they are only eligible for use if flying to certain airports :( fortunately flying to NYC makes it eligible . YAY ! 

When I got to the airport I went to the counter checked my bags with not problems then had to go past the entrance for US customs to get to my entrance which is a stupid waste of time but that's the way they want it ... Of course I have to drag my bag through US customs so they can search it !!! The paranoia is just ridiculous :) finally dropped bag had to wait in another line to do some automated bullshit and therm are some customs officer and yeah finally I can get into the lounge . It's always ridiculous flying into the USA ALWAYS !!! I really hate the bullshit they put you through.

It's all good though ... I'm going to the lounge where there should be some free food and a nice place to chill ? WRONG ! It's Monday morning so every twat in a suit is perched up in the lounge with hardly any open seats :( the food selection was ... Hard boiled eggs , muffins and croissants :( I think saw some yogurt too ... How fucking lame ? Ok I grabbed a coffee bitched to Kathleen about it and found a seat to get my shit together . When I finished my coffee I left ... Now that would have cost about $40 if I didn't have a pass ??? Was it worth it ? No , not even remotely ... 

When I get to my gate they start boarding . I got to my seat and then this mouth breather ( honestly ) sits beside me , she puts on her neck rest thing which has a phone pouch on it ! Remember this is a long 50 minute flight :) she then passes out and commences mouth breathing ... I should have took a pic of this because you all would howl with laughter but I didn't ... I should have though ! The flight wasn't bad , I watched first half of Jurrassic World which was good and I will watch second half on flight home ... Yeah that's ghetto lol :) 

Arrived at JFK and caught an Uberto my hotel which is in the middle of nowhere with no bar or restaurant ( remember Friaco ?) . Not very pleased with this place but whatever ... I decided to go find the closest place to shop which is a Target that is a 5 minute walk ... There is no fast food joints near here so I opted for the Pizza Hut Express in the Target ... Now I am not sure why they call it Express when it took 10 minutes to get pizza .... Does that make sense ? And I was the only one there before lunch so it's not like this place is getting slammed ... It's just poorly run . When I finally got my pizza , beer and beef jerky I headed back to my room ate the za and the jerky chugged a couple beers and passed out . 

At the moment I am so bored that I'm considering going back to sleep ... Kinda hoping the rest of the guys get here soon . Maybe I will chug another beer and stare out my window some more ? 

I can either stare at the watertower or the construction site ..... Yeah this is a room with a view lol ! At least I know I won't be this bored tonight ....

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