Sunday, January 13, 2013

Team Argentina

As most of you know i do a lot of travelling and i also do what i can to make other hockey travellers comfortable when visiting Toronto . I will be heading out to Argentina in a few months so these next few weeks are pretty key to me . You see i will be in Patagonia for up to 10 days between Argentina and Chile in July , when i go there i really don't want to get caught in the tourist traps as i am sure there will be those opportunities . There is a group of hockey players visiting Toronto beginning Jan.24 .... i am hoping to make sure they have the best time possible here .... and i am hoping to extract as much information about their home cities to find a good place to stay and great things to do . The best part of it all is that i will have about 19 new friends after they visit here , which usually makes my trips more fun as locals will show you the best way to have fun in their cities AND most of all the cheapest :)

Javier and Anita will be the first 2 to land here and i am pretty sure that Javier is the president of the FAHH which is the ice hockey federation in Argentina . I am hoping to keep time off work to go pick them up and take them to the place they have booked to stay at . There is a bit of a language barrier between us but i am sure we will work it out in person as it is much easier to communicate with facial expressions and hand movements :) From the sounds of it they are travelling without a goalie so i am going to try joining their camp as much as i can and in fact i am trying to find a goalie to fill in for them .... apparently i might have a goalie coming from Montreal as he is very interested in playing with the Argentinians as his bloodline comes from there but we will see what happens ...

Also have to take them hockey equipment shopping and have booked some icetime for them to play against/with my Ghetto Blasters which should be a great experience for everyone . I am really looking forward to having some guests here in Toronto . Still not sure when the rest of the skaters show up here ....  hopefully all goes well while they are here and they enjoy it enough that they will want to return . I know there are 2 friends of mine really hoping i can extract as much info for our trip as possible .... Andi , Timo i will let you both know when i know more ..... then we can start booking our flights !

Today i have a Ghetto Blaster game mid day then i have to get ready to go to London tomorrow for that commercial i will be in .... the next few days should be very exciting ! i hope all of you are having as good a 2013 as i am ....

Peace ! 


  1. Very exciting experience for everyone, we hope you have a great time, your shares many pictures for those of us in Ushuaia. See you soon!

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