Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 The Review

Happy New Years Everyone :) hope you all had a great time out and i hope you all have a great 2013 !!!

2012 was a pretty decent year for me ... it started off with me heading out to Germany to meet Rainer on Jan . 2nd and jumping onto another plane to fly to Sweden to catch the ferry to Tallinn ,Estonia to play in a tournament there ... The trip to Estonia itself was awesome , getting really drunk over 2.5 days of travel and meeting a bunch of interesting people on the way . When we got to Estonia we met our friends and won a pretty tough tournament by beating a division 1 club twice in 1 day to capture their trophy ( which i broke ) . That was truly the highlight and start of 2012 , great way to start the year .

I stayed out in Europe going to Estonia,Latvia,Sweden and Germany on that trip for 3 weeks of debauchery ... we played in every country on that trip and honestly it was the best vacation i have ever been on :) After that trip i came home and played some good hockey but overall hockey in 2012 ( in Toronto ) was not a good year for me as i had a personal record below .500 and didn't have any trophies to show off :( but this isn't really about my hockey life in Toronto ... this is about the Travelling Goalie !

While i was out in Europe we found out about this tournament in Iceland and we all decided to head there in October so when i got home i was pretty focused on saving up for this trip , my second trip to Europe during 2012 . This trip originally was going to be BIG , but it got dumbed down to basically the new experience of going to Iceland and playing in their tournament ... which totally sucks and i still don't recommend anyone going there to play in this particular tournament !!!! I got sick there and we headed back to Berlin , there was a lot of drinking and watching pro sports which was totally amazing , don't get me wrong Iceland was amazing too , just that tournament kinda ruined a lot of stuff for me there but whatever LOL ! The rest of the trip was composed of us travelling too Iceland , Germany, Czech Rep. & England which i played in all over the place had a great time in Plzen at a hockey camp and got to meet and have a fun night out with the Maltese National Football Team !

That 2nd trip to Europe was not as good as first simply due to the fact that we didn't win the tournament , and i didn't really go to anywhere new that i haven't been to before aside from Iceland and Berlin i had been everywhere else before ... i mean there were a couple cities in Germany i haven't been too before but all i was doing was visiting the hockey rink or football pitch :) It didn't help also that i lost and never got to say bye to my travelling companion ... you all know who he is HAHAHA !!!!

The year was not over as i had a tournament in Victoriaville , Quebec to travel too at the end of November :) that tournament was ridiculous hard !!!! Toughest and best competition i have ever been involved in , and to my surprise i did quite well :) First game was rough had to get up to speed but the rest of the tourney i did quite well helping to get my team to the semi final ( which we lost in a close one ) the team i played for was an honour to be with ... the team was Les Stingers and they all had played for the Concordia Stingers . It was also an honour to play with former Montreal Canadiens and Augsburg Panthers defense man Francois Groleau . Unfortunately as i mentioned earlier , we did not win but the winning team sent us a message saying that we were much tougher competition then the team they beat in the final ... which was definitely a consolation . I brought home some awesome poutine and made some really great friends , gotta thank fellow Ghetto Blaster Alex Charette for hooking that trip up for me .....

2012 started off AMAZING but as you can see the slope went downward at the end :( i was planning to go to Puerto Rico to play in December and i couldn't do to monetary situation i am tied into back home with my hockey club .... when you run a hockey team you are responsible for the teams payments , when a skater misses a payment then i have to pay . Unfortunately i have some friends that have fallen behind on their payments and that costed me my trip . I am hoping and planning to make it there in October ,2013 before there rinks disappear ( bad politics ) l.

I hope you all have an amazing 2013 , i am really looking forward to the trips i am planning on going to this year .... The Travelling Goalie will be making trips to South America and the Caribbean this year , breaking new horizons . 

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