Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Commercial

Friday morning here in Toronto , i have the day off as my shift was cancelled last night ... under 24 hour notice of cancellation means a day off with 4 hours of pay to stay home :) that my friends is a really good way to start a weekend ... unfortunately i am not so young and spry anymore and i really don't go out and party too much when i am home in Toronto . I much rather pocket that cash and save  it for my next trip ( south america ) .

The shift that was cancelled is not my film work , it was a staging job ... we are actually shipping the show Warhorse to its next destination via shipping containers . My next day of work will be on the ice !!! Yup you heard it right i am getting paid to step on the ice with some former pros and act ... Last year i did a Smart Car Promo which aired online under the name Smart.Studio  that happened because someone i work with in film ( Dennis Beier ) knew of my blog and all my travels playing hockey and was in need of some hockey players for a hockey segment they wanted to shoot so he contacted me . I put him in touch with an old hockey buddy named Shane Nuttley-Kirby who played pro in Germany , the crew was from Germany so it made sense that they all might have something to relate too ... Dennis actually asked if i knew any pros that played in Germany so it made perfect sense .

That was last year ... move to the present and Dennis contacts my friend Shane now to do another one , Shane in turn calls me for doing him the favor last year and blam !!! Monday i will be shooting this unknown commercial and hopefully i will be able to share the link with you all in a few weeks :) There is a good possibility that i have to wear my own gear , but in all honesty i am hoping to get the chance to score some new pads ... i know that whatever they buy will be much easier to give away rather then returned . Keeping my fingers crossed but not getting my hopes up .

2013 is definitely off to a good start now if i can only get my Ghetto Blasters a win .....

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