Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Wait

It has probably been a while since i have wrote a blog so i might as well use some free early morning time to catch you and you and you too up on what is going on with my life as The Travelling Goalie ( big echo effects in background LOL) . Basically i have my finger on the trigger waiting to book this flight . I have the flights picked out , just waiting to get a solid confirmation from my team rep in Hawaii ( Jason Short ) . Last week i sent out an email and have yet to get a response ( hoping he is on vacay or his comp is broken or something ) and the guys that want to join me have not heard a response from him either . Finding this out in the last couple days has made me queasy about booking a flight as i have some horror stories about booked  flights ( i dodged that bullet ) .

Hopefully he emails me this weekend as this flight might disappear as i am using my Aeroplan pts to book this one , yes i just pay the taxes and it is gonna be DIRT cheap LOL! If i don't hear from Jason in the next week i might have to resort to contacting the tournament organizer again OR just forget about it ......i would say at max i have a month long time frame to get this on the go ;) i guess time will tell and patience is a virtue ....that i don't always have .

I will be making a mini road trip in the next couple weeks to St. Catharines for a hockey game with the Ghetto Blasters .....there should be a story there , maybe .

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