Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dissappointments Con't

Go figure....that Hawaii trip i have coveted for over a year now has hit a bump in the road AGAIN :( . The team from Augsburg can't make it , just found out the other week but this time i have a backup plan and have already put it into play as i JUST sent out an email to a team in Hawaii with hopes of landing myself and possibly get Andi Tanzer onto the team as well . As soon as i found out that the guys from Augsburg were not going to make it i contacted the tournament organizer in Hawaii and told her that i am a free agent now looking for a team , she was quite prompt in sending me a contact and hopefully i get onto this local team .... always way more fun playing for local teams !

 Tonight my team here in Toronto (Ghetto Blasters) has a big game against one of the top teams in our league , and i am chatting with one of my defense man that is travelling overseas now ( HI CHIP ) . I am planning on taking my team to the Czech Republic at the end of April in 2012 for a tournament and eventually i will introduce you all to these wacky guys as we will be causing a lot of ruckus overseas , planning is in process but for now i should stay focused on Hawaii . Need to start looking for a Hawaiian/Polynesian flag for my stick bag HEHEHE . Keep your fingers crossed for me , hoping to get onto a team ASAP so i can book my flight ....

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