Friday, July 28, 2017

In Between

Feeling like I'm stuck in a rut ... that is how bad the travel bug has me . If I don't travel for a while I kinda get into this shitty mood . Good thing hockey has been good to me since I've returned from that Egypt trip . The new goalie pads that my friends at  Goalie Heaven donated to me are working wonders ....lets just say recently my 14 game unbeaten streak was snapped ?!?!?! Yeah I got these new pads and lost my first game , tied the next then went 13 more games straight winning :) it has to be the pads right ? If you know me you know that this isn't normal LOL !

I know its been a while since I've written anything even though I went to Seattle and didn't write about that either . Just wanted to have a normal little holiday for once , its been a really long time since I went somewhere and didn't schedule myself to find time in the morning to write about the stuff that happened the day before . I should probably say that it was a great trip and in true Travelling Goalie fashion I did visit the only hockey bar in Seattle called  The Angry Beaver and on my trip the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup and yes I did watch it in a Football (Soccer) Pub where I already had planned to make a visit afterwards (for my 2nd time) to grab a shirt I liked from them .... gotta add to my crazy shirt collection ! So yeah if you are in Seattle make sure to drop in to the only hockey bar in Seattle .

So in the mean time I have been itching really bad to go to Australia and New Zealand so I can say I have played on every inhabited continent and I might be the first goalie to ever do this which would be pretty cool to say . I want this to be the perfect trip and I'm hoping to find a tournament to play in , this is a massive trip for me as its the furthest part of the world to travel to from Toronto . It won't be cheap and I have been saving up all year for this and I am
hoping to be 110% prepared for anything and everything when going there and I definitely want to be prepared to enjoy it to the fullest so that means not going on the cheap ... at the same time I'm not exactly rich and that is why I haven't had the most time doing much writing since I'm working like a dog lately . I am still not sure when I'm going but the aim is to have Kathleen with me and we are looking at going for about a month ... can't see myself going that far for a shorter period . If you are reading this and you live in Australia or New Zealand please contact me and let me know if there are any adult tournaments I can join ... I am willing to play at any level !

To quench my thirst to travel I have been looking for small fillers to appease my addiction hahaha . One idea is to take off to England to go watch Villa but that is never cheap and will probably get in the way of my Australia trip and that is really the only trip I want to do right now ... I have to stay focused on that one ! Another thing that I have tried and failed miserably at was to take my Ghetto Blasters to Montreal to play some friendly matches and out of 30 skaters I got 3 that wanted to go .... PATHETIC ! and then people ask why I travel alone HAHAHA ! its never easy getting people to go anywhere these days ... and to think the club was gonna even pay for them to travel . I recently had to cancel that and it is very disappointing to me but the reality is people have other things to do and I am guessing going to Las Vegas with them won't be any easier so I am not gonna even bother trying to organize that and I will focus on doing stuff on my own (as usual ) . The other option which I have always floated is to just jump on a plane and go to Jamaica for my bday .... no hockey ... just chilling :P  If there is an island in the Caribbean that I would want to visit , this is definitely it ! I know my friends from the Jamaican Olympic Ice Hockey Team (JOIHT)   will be very happy to know I would like to visit their beautiful country and who knows maybe I will find some form of hockey there ? should I bring some road hockey gear ??? I will definitely be sporting that Jamaican jersey I got from my friends at the federation :) thanks again guys !

Either way , whatever happens ... I think my next adventure will be shared with you all . I really like writing and I should find more time to do so .... before I go any further I should thank my friends in Portugal especially federation president Mauricio Xavier for the wonderful jersey he recently sent me . Hockey seems to be maintaining there thanks to him and all the rest of the guys there that are doing their all to get as much attention as possible . Recently they have put a call out for players around the world to contact them .... if you are Portuguese or of Portuguese decent and want to represent your country then please contact Portuguese Ice Hockey  . Some big things are happening there :)

Last but not least ... definitely not least ! It looks like some other groups are coming together to help my friends in Egypt . My fingers are crossed that this venture will be successful in helping them gather more equipment but most of all I would love to see someone step forward to get these rinks they play in a bit safer .... when I say safer I mean for the people watching LOL ! yeah there is only one rink with any protective netting and even I put a puck over that easily :0 the two wonderful organizations that have stepped forward are Hockey 4 All The Hockey Foundation ! If you are interested in pitching in to help contact either of these charities and do what you can , every dollar counts trust me . In other Egyptian news .... my friends in Birmingham are doing another hockey drive to collect more gear for Ahmed who was my host in Cairo . He is travelling to the UK and is hoping to take a few bags of equipment home with him .... what they mainly need is protective gear ... helmets , gloves and shin pads and elbow pads are a MUST ! If you have any and are anywhere near Birmingham then please contact Birmingham Rockets .

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