Thursday, November 19, 2015

More Motion Sickness

Its been a while since I've had any time to write ... back home now , working like a dog saving up to head back to Europe for another adventure . This time I'm kinda nervous though after my last flight from New York . It was scary as shit ! I actually never wrote about the last day of my trip home from New York so here ya go .

That morning i left early , there was no one i knew in the lobby so i slipped away into my Uber and headed to JFK airport . My driver that morning was nice , we joked about all the drunk costumes he must've seen and time flew . When i arrived it was quiet !!! Walked right up to the counter , checked my bags with no problems at all then carried onto security which was really quick to ... (note to self = travel on Halloween more!) to this day i am still shocked that airport was so quiet , i mentioned its in New York City right ? When i got through security i grabbed a McDonald's steak bagel and yes i know i shouldn't but they don't sell them in Toronto so ... hahaha! it was yummy and made my tummy ache but who cares now . After gobbling that yummy breakfast i went duty free shopping , first things first ... i really need a portable charger for my dinosaur IPhone 4s which dies after 4 hours of use . Found a decent one for $50 USD that holds up to 4 charges which works for me , bought it then headed for the good stuff .... liquor . Kathleen loves the last bottle of Bombay Amber Gin i brought home , yes its rare :) and i found it at another NYC airport so i figured to look here :( unfortunately they didn't have it so i decided on bringing home a bottle of  Patron Gold Tequila . I'm sure she will like it when she gets back to Toronto in late January . 

So its time to board , my seat is way in the back in front of toilet ... i finished watching Jurassic World which i thoroughly enjoyed and as i finished i opened the blind to let the sun in and see my wonderful city from the air . We began to descend and as I'm looking out the window we hit an air pocket and i could feel the sweat just pour out of me !!! Here we go with the air sickness again , I'm never looking out the window again during landing as this happened to me before while flying home in a small plane . Next thing you know we were aborting the landing ??? We were going straight up into the sky again , like on a crazy angle and that's when i realized people were freaking out and puking and crying and shit ... wtf is going on ? in my head i started thinking of the 9/11 Memorial recordings i heard from the planes that were hijacked and i was getting scared , i started thinking if this was that moment where i should call Kathleen ? The stewardess was behind me so i looked down around the corner and she didn't look too excited either . Next thing you know we were sideways !!! Holy friggin crap !!!! Are we gonna die ? ... The pilot made an announcement saying we had to abort and to not be worried , we hit an air pocket and its very windy out ... thanks :) we steadied out by this time and began approaching again . The plane was being tossed around and i was pretty much shitting my pants and then we touched down ... safely , no fuss . Everyone on that plane looked ready to puke when getting off , and everyone looked each other in the eye's with that holy shit look . I found my hockey bag ripped in the oversize baggage , got an Uber and went home . 

Of course when i opened my stick bag i found a note from US customs ... nothing new . But now to real time , today i am amidst planning to head back onto a plane and these thoughts of my last flight kinda haunt me a bit as i plan to head to England to meet Kathleen who i miss so much :( she had to go be with her family there and i haven't seen her in 3 weeks ... i plan to meet her in Birmingham on Christmas Eve where we will watch Star Wars; The Force Awakens !!!! yeah i already have tickets hehehe . The plan right now is to meet there then head to Spain for New Years Eve and a hockey tournament then off to Portugal and Andorra to skate with local clubs . I am just hoping both of the federations will reply a bit sooner so i can continue to make plans . These trips don't just happen ,unfortunately there is a lot of planning when visiting 4 countries in a short time period . So things might change and i hope they don't as i would love to see those 2 flags on my bag :) 

Now I'm sure i won't be scared to fly and I'm sure i will have motion sickness again ... as far as i know there is no cure for it once it kicks in and it happens FAST . If a plane goes down while I'm on it then well ... it is what it is ! If you or i live in fear then we might as well stay home and hide , but that's not a good idea so for now i will continue working like a dog and saving money to get on that next flight ... after all i am The Travelling Goalie :P 

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