Thursday, April 9, 2015

2015 Euro Trip ... pretty sure this is it :)

Well the last few days have been a crazy emotional roller coaster ... things were on a high the other week and i was making some crazy plans to do this and that and at the same time my Ghetto Blaster club was on a high too with both teams making the finals again ! 2 years in a row that both teams have made it to the finals . Then came the brick wall .... you know sometimes you need a reality check . Work seems to have dried up so my funds are not as high as i thought and i have to start changing plans to work within  a smaller budget ... that was the first wall i hit .

You know when it rains it pours and it really coincides with the damp weather here in Toronto these days :( not that i dislike the rain but hypothetically you know what I'm saying . As i said work dried up and then i got the news from my Moroccan friends that the free hotel room i was promised in Prague for IIHF world championships was not on the table anymore . Yeah that sucks big time , so i found an alternative ... i will just skip most of the games i was invited to and will go to Eindhoven,Holland instead to play hockey . Some of you might be like why would you skip a free ticket to the gold medal game just to go play hockey in Holland ??? well firstly i rather play hockey then watch it ... that should pretty much shut you up ??? if that is not the kicker then how's this sound ... i will not have to pay $150 a night to stay in a hotel ! Yeah prices for decent hotels in Prague are over the moon because of this IIHF event :( The Clarion is fully booked and the closest hotel to it with a decent budget is not cheap so instead of staying there from the 11th -18th i will check out on the 14th leave my bags for the day then come pick them up before i take an overnight bus to Holland ... that saves me a night of hotel pay and i can sleep on the bus during the 13 hour ride . This is one of the things i have to do to make these trips happen .

As i said when it rains it pours ... so no work , no free hotel in Prague and to boot my Ghetto Blaster team on Tuesday night lost our championship game . That killed me ... didn't leave my house yesterday . Losing a championship game is tough on everyone but as a goalie that runs the team it hits you really hard . I feel better today even though its still raining but i know i have another crack at our weekend championship on Sunday and i know i have work coming up and i also know that where there's a will there's a way so this trip to Europe that i will embark on in 3 weeks will go well  .

3 tournaments in 3 weeks with IIHF games in between . Sounds like i am pretty much ready to book this trip . If you have been reading my posts lately you would also know that this trip started off looking way different then what it is now and i want to wish my friends in Serbia and Belgium the best of luck in their tournaments .  I really really wish i could have made it to both of your tourneys and i hope to make it to your tourneys in the future .... sorry once again :( i hate saying no to play in tourneys but sometimes it just can't work .... for those in Germany,Czech Rep.,Slovakia and Holland that i know prepared ! The Travelling Goalie is coming ! 

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