Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's a Small World After All

Recently the Ghetto Blasters had 2 guests playing with us from Malaysia ... Gary Tan , and Yap Eu Jin . Now i had never met them before , but our team here has an open door policy with players from overseas due to my love of playing hockey overseas. These 2 guys were suggested to me by a good friend in Indonesia ( Jusuf Hendrata ) .

So Gary and Eu Jin left Canada a few weeks ago to represent their country in the Asian Winter Games in Kazakhstan .... pretty cool eh ! This is where the world gets small .... after a few days they begin posting pictures of their team , and low and behold their is a familiar face amongst their coaching staff . John Kalivoda ( Johnny K ) ! I met and played on the same team with Johnny K in Europe in 2008 , when i went to Innsbruck and Bolzano . John is an AMAZING hockey player from Czech Republic .

I am wondering what kind of stories John told Gary and Eu Jin about me when figuring out our connection .... probably some funny ones as that trip was epic and filled with lots of drinking :) .... i poisoned myself on that trip with alcohol , not funny at the time but HAHA now . The Malaysians did not really get to see that side of me , while they were here i was all serious while organizing things. When i am on vacation ( hockey trips ) i tend to let loose a bit more than i do at home ;)

Alot of people ask me at home , how do you know all these people . Well once you get out there and start playing in these tournaments , the world just seems to get alot smaller fast .Everyone seems to know everyone in this world wide community ! It really is amazing , i would suggest to every one of you to get off of your ass' and go to a trip overseas !

At the moment i have my flight booked to go to Hawaii , i THINK there are a couple open spots remaining on my team . I am playing for the San Diego Nationals . If you are over 30 years old and interested in coming to Hawaii in April then contact me or leave a comment below ...... 

Now i am wondering who i will bump into in Hawaii ? Hope to see most of you there !

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  1. I remember Jonny K and co from Innsbruck/Bolzano... i guess thats the cool thing about playing hockey, all the connection you make :)