Monday, February 21, 2011


Travelling excites me almost as much as hockey .... they are pretty much equal , something else that excites me is having friends i have met playing hockey overseas coming here to Toronto . Alex and Melanie will be here on Tuesday , as it stands i am not working ( surprise, surprise ) so i will try to do my best to be a good host !

Not too sure if they have been here before but i am really looking forward to playing ALOT of hockey this week :) Received their itinerary the other day , but it is kinda open so i am assuming they want me to fill it with hockey , which should be no problem at all . I have had problems in countries trying to get on the ice ,  but there is a big difference when a country has 1 or 2 rinks and Toronto itself has over 100 indoor arenas and probably over another 150 outdoor rinks or skating pads . Probably the first stop for both of them will be to see my friend Luke Attard . Luke works at Source for Sports , i played hockey with him for our Multicultural League team Malta , he is another crazy Malteser ! Whenever i go overseas i always go to see him , to get gear for my friends that i go to play hockey with ....Alex and Melanie will meet him .

They will also get the chance to play 2 games for the Ghetto Blasters this weekend , Melanie will be the first female to play for our team ! Quite the honour ..... it is too bad that  i don't have any team tshirts to give them , but i am sure i will see them later on this year in Cortina,Italy to defend our tournament championship . Pretty sure i am not working tomorrow so i will probably go to greet and pick them up at the airport , with a couple beers in the car for their reception :) ...

This is going to be a good week of hockey .... i can't wait !

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