Monday, August 20, 2012

Visiting People

Another Monday blah morning ...

Just wanted to go over some travelling etiquette with my readers , if you don't agree feel free to comment ! When i travel somewhere usually i do a lot of planning letting people know i am visiting and if i can go to them or meet somewhere or if they can come to where i am etc....when i arrive i usually make the contact , meaning i pick up a phone or go to an internet cafe or however i am in contact . The bottom line is i initiate it ! I don't expect people to change their lifestyles to suit my travel and that is why i plan things in advance as i know people work and have things to do .

Recently there have been some people visiting Toronto that have pissed me off :( Yeah i am not happy with you people ! I am not going to name names but this one "traveller" visited here , made contact and didn't respond and went back home and claimed that he was too busy visiting other people ... yeah i can understand that you didn't have OR make the time to see me but when i came to where you are i not only contacted you made plans to see you , but when you couldn't meet me i got on a 3 hour train just to see you for 1 night .... if you notice there is a difference between what i did and what you did ! Not only did i do that , i also paid for the hotel room in the other city for the night we were not there AND paid for my travel buddies train ticket to tag along ... i am just saying . maybe next time you will have a better excuse to not see me .

This weekend there are visitors here and they pulled the ultimate backhand on us yesterday ... they told us when they were going to visit . We made preparations and were on way to go pick them up and they decided to tell us they didn't want to come here ???? I am LIVID over this .... honestly no excuse that these people have told us can hold water , so full of holes ... especially when there are emails to prove what was said and planned . These people won't be welcomed here again , i can swear on that ! Today i sit at home with a day that i planned to show people around the city and i can honestly say i will never forget this .

If you are one of the chumps that do this to people when you travel do yourself a favor and stay home ! Yes i understand it is your vacation but you have to remember when and if i visit you ever again i can guarantee i will remember what happened when you were here !

Bottom line is communication ! If you have ever used that excuse saying i couldn't get my email or my phone was this or that , then you are probably a loser with no excuse to use or lie about . Just say the truth if you don't want to visit . I have been in 3rd world countries and managed to get to a computer so i am sure you can too ... or maybe that thing in your pocket is vibrating .

I was supposed to meet a friend in Dublin years ago and i never did , as i did not check my email and to this day i regret it .  I sure hope the people that have done these things to me recently have that bad feeling of regret because they should ... if they have any sense. Common sense these days is a disease that people seem to avoid though :) 

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