Saturday, June 4, 2011

10 Countries I Would Love to Play In

Summer hockey is a quarter of the way into the season , work is keeping me busy and now it is time to start daydreaming about places that i really want to play in .

10) Mexico - There is an outdoor rink that is built there every New Year in the Plaza de la Constitucion !!!

9) Puerto Rico  - Found out about the rink there a few years back now , and had a very interesting email exchange with one of the guys there basically asking if i liked stiff drinks and loose women LOL ...apparently you are more than welcomed there if you do ! Pretty sure there are 2 arenas there and they have hosted 1 if not more NHL exhibition games there .... i know for sure that 1 rink is right on the beach !

8) South Africa & Namibia- Rainer and myself had spoken of doing this trip together someday , apparently there are a few arenas in S.A and Namibia is not too far off to travel to if i ever do have the opportunity to go down there .

7) Russia- Seriously how friggin crazy would that be , for me to go to Russia would definitely mean at least 1 tournament ... playing against probably some of the best hockey players in the world would be a treat !!! This one will probably happen in the next 5 years ... no need for any links i think no one is amazed that there is hockey in Russia LOL

6) Brazil- Its been a few years now that i have been trying to make contact with someone down there , just recently i was notified that there is ice down there as all i knew was speculation that there was and there is ...this and that really with no real answers , this would have to be the start of a long trip with other South Americans countries in the mix .

5) Greece- There was a moment this past year that i was actually planning to head out there after the tourney in Italy that i was hoping to go to , but i am not :( This trip is still on my mind with stops in Croatia,Serbia, Albania, Macedonia , i was planning to do it via train but the deterrent is dragging my bag around . Might be an expensive trip to do in the next couple years by car :)

4) Philippines- Damn i have been always intrigued with Philippine people , so friendly with such great food . Couple years ago i was sent an invite to bring a team there for a tournament , this year i think it was cancelled ...hopefully the opportunity will come around at some point to make my way there .

3) Slovenia- I was there ! Begged for hours to play , camped out behind the arena for a full day ... never got on the ice ... next time i will get on , next time ! Loboda you better get me on that ice before i lose my mind LOL it bothers me so much that i never got to play there as i watched others come and go there to play ...

2) Morocco- This is a trip that i would definitely do for New Years with Kathleen at some point in our lives ...

1) Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur is somewhere i have always wanted to go to ... hoping to head out there this year in October . The plan is to practise with the Malaysian National Team and to hopefully get in on some league games while i will be staying an elevator ride from the arena which is in the hotel i will hopefully be able to afford to stay at .

Don't get me wrong there are other places and trips i am still dreaming of like the one where i drive around the whole UK playing in Scotland,England and Wales , this list is of countries that i have never played in .... i would definitely give an honorable mention to playing in Australia and the Barcelona Tournament in Spain which i have always wanted to play in it's raining here in Toronto , don't blame me for having the time to daydream ....

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