Monday, May 9, 2011

Ghetto Seasons

Can't get this sour taste out of my mouth .... we had yet another epic loss to arch rivals Easy Company . For some messed up reason we ended up playing these guys 9 times this season !!!! and we lost 8 of those matches , mostly by 1 goal . This past Saturday we had the chance to put that record to rest by knocking them out of the playoffs in our 3rd game of a best of 3 semifinal series ....but we didn't :(

We fought hard and went out swinging , Easy Company is one hell of a tough team to beat . Now you must be wondering how is it that we are still playing hockey . Well we play all year long with tournaments and a winter and summer season which we compete in . Unfortunately this winter season gets dragged out super long due to some odd scheduling .... so our winter season just ended last weekend ,this weekend we have a tournament to play in and the Tuesday following we begin our summer season !

Summer is in a different league and we play on Tuesdays rather than weekends . Most people that live in Toronto enjoy leaving the city on weekends to head north of the city to go to their cottages or for camping weekends . Weekend hockey in the summer is not often .... Last season we won the championship in the lowest division for summer so this year we have moved up a league , and we have strengthened the team . Hoping for some good results , as i said i have this sour taste in my mouth from losing in the semi finals for our winter league .

The only real summer event i have planned aside from leaving the city for some R&R is the Ghetto Classic which runs from June 24-26 , we are still looking for an 8th team .... if you are interested in entering a team please contact me by leaving a comment below . I should go hunt for some work now , so i can start saving for my next big trip .... and yes Andi i work ;)

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