Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trying to plan a trip

So yesterday i sat around online trying to make plans with my German friend Rainer ( Rainman ,Kackvogel ) ...i have a few stories to share about this guy :) but not now .....

Travelling to these tournaments is not so easy , firstly you get the invite and ponder it with almost always an immediate yes response. At this time DO NOT PURCHASE ticket to fly there ! These tourneys get cancelled by organizers all the time !!! This past year alone i had plans to fly to Hawaii and to England for these 2 really wicked tournaments , only to have my heart broken to pieces. Now now don't feel so bad for me as there are always tournaments if you know the right people .

So my last blog mentioned that i had 3 tourneys in 3 countries in 3 weeks...that blog was before my chat with the Rainman . NOW everything is up in the air leading up to this tournament in Fussen ( Germany ) right before Oktoberfest hehehehe.So heres the deal , my Czech tourney was cancelled unfortunately but we are still planning on going , if i can get an earlier flight . If i do get there earlier we have a great opportunity to go to Finland for some crazy party , yeah i know Finland !!! So glad i didn't book the flight months back, and trust me never do !

This one year i was about to book my flight to fly out to Dubai to play for the Malta Pirates again. Even some Toronto friends playing for Fluid Living Arseholes were about to go . For some crazy reason the tournament changed its dates! Now my Maltese friends already booked and basically ended up going just for holidays but i would assume that they were not too happy . On my end if i would have booked and flew out there to have the tournament changed...umm lets just say i would not be coming back .

Looks like i will probably work my magic and find a decent flight ( that won't charge me baggage GOALIE GRAY) ...i find Air Canada & Lufthansa are good at not charging for sporting equipment. Had a bad experience flying from Singapore to Bangkok with Swiss Air and will never fall for it again ( basically paid $100 US on a $75 flight ) . So what i am saying here is i will book my flight ,  i will have to search hard to find the right airport and the right date , and it's not gonna be easy . Monday is my magic day , then the real plans will be set in stone , or will they ?

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